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At the café we think French press coffee is the best! Here are all our tips for making a wonderful cup of joe at home.

Start with freshly ground coffee. Medium roasts are our favorite as light roasts tend to be too acidic for French press and dark roasts too rich. At home, Mrs. Wonderful prefers Lifeboost Coffee as it is low acid and single origin. Just remember, Organic is always best!

If you have a grinder at home, aim for a slightly courser grind than you would use for a regular drip coffee maker. Most health food and fine grocery stores can grind whole beans for you - simply ask for your beans ground for French press. We use a Vitamix and grind the beans on speed 4. This Krups Coffee Grinder is fantastic as well!

Our magic ratio of coffee to water is 3 Tbsp ground coffee for every 8 oz. boiling water. A double lined stainless steel French press will keep your coffee nice and hot for extra time to savor. This French press is the same one we use at Mrs. Wonderful’s and comes in various sizes and colors! Add the appropriate amount of grounds for your size press and fill with boiling water, leaving about an inch of space at the top for the “bloom” and plunger. Mix right away for 30 seconds and then let sit for 3 minutes before pressing. Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy!

If you like frothed milk or cream in your coffee, this electric whisk is perfect for the job! The frothing pitcher is an added bonus when you order.

Prefer your coffee sweet? Organic Turbinado or Organic Sucanat is our preferred choice for sugar. Mrs. Wonderful loves just a little sweetness and uses Organic Maple Syrup!

Sip and Enjoy!

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