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Ceramic Dishes

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Everything We Love to make YOUR Life Wonderful!

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French Press

This is our Favorite French Press to use for coffee at Mrs. Wonderful's Café! It even comes in various sizes and colors for the perfect pour to start your morning the Wonderful Way!


Organic Pure Maple Syrup

Mrs. Wonderful loves everything organic, and organic maple syrup is a must for your morning coffee! It's especially delicious in iced coffee! Yum!


Polish Baking Dish

This 9x9 inch Polish Baking Dish has us drooling! Beautiful from oven to table!



All Clad Cookware

A Wonderful Home Cook needs quality Pots and Pans. These are definitely at the top of our list!


Coffee Grinder

Of course, the perfect coffee starts with the perfect grind! This Krups coffee grinder will definitely do the job for many years to come!


Gold Accent Coffee Mugs

Did you know that Mrs. Wonderful loves coffee mugs with gold accents? Plus, Coffee always tastes better in a beautiful mug!


Milk Frother

Do you prefer your coffee perfectly frothy? Then this is the item for you! Use this dandy, hand-held, battery operated milk frother to Wonderfully froth your cream before adding to your fresh French Pressed Coffee!


Vitamix Blender

A Staple at Mrs. Wonderful's Café! We use our Vitamix for everything from soups to sauces and smoothies! This amazing machine can even grind your coffee!


Lifeboost Coffee

A true Mrs. Wonderful Favorite. This is the coffee she brews at home when she needs a pick me up!

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