Bakery selection varies on a daily basis.
Below are some of our regular baked goods during a typical week.
Special orders encouraged! 
Custom cake orders also available.
Please call for a quote (406) 319-2080

Chocolate chip cookies $2.50

Ginger molasses cookies $2.50

Cinnamon rolls $1.50 mini/ $3 large

Fruit scones $4

Mini huckleberry scones $3

Fruit galettes $5

Sourdough buttermilk biscuits $3

Ham and cheese biscuits $5

Bacon blue cheese scones $6

Morning glory muffins $4

Lemon poppyseed muffins $4

Praline bars $4

Rhubarb oatmeal bars $4

Gluten free chocolate cupcakes with ganache $4

Coconut cream cupcakes $5

Huckleberry chocolate cupcakes $5

Strawberry shortbread delights $6-$10



Pane rustico boule $9

Sourdough boule $12

Sourdough rye boule $12

Shole grain boule $12



Williamsburg orange cake

Chocolate cake with fruit filling (huckleberry, cherry, or raspberry)

Blood orange cardamom olive oil cake

Carrot cake

Please call for pricing on cakes

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"If you're going to make something,
make it something wonderful!" -Mrs. Wonderful