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Mrs. Wonderful's Café

Specials of the Day and Menu

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Welcome to Mrs. Wonderful's World

In 2009 Mary Frances Caselli started

Mrs. Wonderful's in Northwest Montana. Her mission: to provide the finest quality products that will add healthful delicious flavor to every culinary endeavor!

Pictured: Mrs. Wonderful Mary Frances Caselli and her daughter, wine expert Diana Sheffield.

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Our Specialties

Mrs. Wonderful's Café
​We offer locally grown organic breakfast, lunch, early dinner, organic bakery goods, and handmade gourmet products.

Mrs. Wonderful's Wine Club
Take advantage of our wine expert Diana who has dedicated her life to mastering wine. “I focus on offering a selection of fine, natural, organic wines to local clientele.” - Diana Sheffield, Living On Flathead Lake

Mrs. Wonderful's Bakery & Gourmet Store
Mrs. Wonderful offers a selection of her specialty gourmet foods for purchase online. From our assorted sea salt herb blends, cooking sauces, and bakery items - you will find the perfect accompaniment or gift to send to family and friends for any occasion.

Mrs. Wonderful's World Tours
Click Here to Check Out Our New Tour Video!

Join Mrs. Wonderful and her staff on exclusive food & wine tours to Mrs. Wonderful's favorite places like Napa, Tuscany, Chicago, and Montana! Mrs. Wonderful has spent time in all these places, thus the tours include the best of these destinations and you are included as part of the family.
Private and customized tours are also available.

Mrs. Wonderful's Nutritional Counseling
This site also gives you access to Mrs. Wonderful's choice of balanced nutrition to help keep you and yours in good health. Mary Frances will personally assist you in starting a regimen of healthy nutrition. Please contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation.
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